Focusing on innovation of technology, over 10% of annual revenue was re-invested in the R&D projects and over 15% in last three years. Over ten technical platforms were well developed in Autobio, including microparticle covalent coupling, chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), colloidal gold, antibody/antigen manufacturing, microbial cultivation,Dry chemistry, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, optical/electrical detection, integrated automation and software. Multiple project management systems were employed during the R&D procedure to ensure the innovation and regulation.

Also focusing on the human resources, Autobio employs a knowledgeable and well- skilled staff of R&D scientists, consisting 25% of the total staff, which covers the field in Biology, Medicine, Chemistry and Pharmacy. Autobio launched the academic exchange with foreign academies and institutes during recent years to enlarge the R&D field.


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